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In addition to being the greatest space agency in human history, NASA also makes a profound impact on education for all ages.

Providing resources for scholastic programs, big and small, created a splendid blend of science and artistic creativity, bringing in students and academics in disciplines from two-dimensional art, to experimental chemistry, to the science of modern guitar technique.

Image by SpaceX
Image by redcharlie

You don't have to be James Bond to drive an Aston Martin, but you will certainly feel like him when driving the DBS Superleggera with a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 spinning the Earth below you at your will.

Shining the badge of a legendary British automotive icon since 1913 cinematographically requires careful attention to details, knowledge of motion, and honoring a legacy - as one designs and engineers an Aston. I am no automotive designer but I understand the patience of getting it right, no matter how long it takes.

Image by redcharlie

Kinetic energy is directly proportional to the mass of the object and to the square of its velocity. By these mathematical terms, human motion is only bound.

Like an exercise of acrobatic finesse in itself, tracking, zooming, panning, and discovering new camera movement to film the legendary Cirque Du Soleil was an absolute joy. There exists no better example of a true, gravity-defying ensemble.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Got a problem? Give it to an engineer.

It's a motto that crowns a spectacular history of intelligent space technologies, implemented aerospace mechanical systems, and the achieving the highest level of global defense on the planet.

Raytheon is one of the most iconic corporate figures in all of southern Arizona, especially in their goal of student outreach and campaigning new technology demonstrations.

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Did you know that Red Bull sponsors numerous competitive sports teams? They own and sponsor Formula 1, association football, NASCAR, basketball, extreme sports, air racing, ice hockey, eSports, athletics, BMX and other various sports around the planet.

There is a golden standard of excellence by being partnered and associated with a Red Bull team that transcends from a simple energy drink company to a network of the most talented and extreme humans living today.

Image by Jan Kopřiva
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My Clientele List includes...

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Amazon, Amazon Prime Video
Audi USA
Aston Martin

National Geographic Creative
Red Bull
Cirque du Soleil
Davis Monthan Air Force Base
Ted Talks

The City of Tucson
The National Weather Service
Victoria’s Secret
Space & Light Digital
Sugar Studios
Tucson Unified School District
Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)
The National Space Society
Kia Motors
University of Arizona
Lunar and Planetary Labs
Banner University Medicine
University of Denver
Discovery Channel
Cisco Systems
Weather Ready Nation
March for Science Tucson
March for Science Los Angeles
Fertility Bridge
Reproductive Health Center - Tucson
Paramount Pictures
Casas Church
Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church
Enterprise in Space
Arizona State University eSports
Astro Media International Television Productions
El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve
Tucson Festival of Books
Solar Dynamics Observatory
Young MacDonald
FIRST Robotics League
FIRST Lego League
‘81 Barbers
Solar Solution AZ
TEEM - Tucson Educational Empowerment for Minorities
Fresh Start
The Trauma Center of Hope
Caliber Home Loans
Dangerous Doherty Productions
Taking Up Space
Red Ghost Tattoo
Las Azaleas Music

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