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I'm sorry your day sucked today.

I suffer from anxiety and find myself stressed out from time to time.

I've got an idea for you:

  • Put the phone down (seriously put it down or shut it off)

  • Sink into your chair and actually get yourself comfy

  • Listen to this lofi chillhop mix below

  • Soft deep breaths in and breathe out hard, then slowly

Need some more?

I've got you. Here are some things I like when I need to shut my brain off for a bit.

Need some sleep?

This is my favorite artist to fall asleep to. Keep your volume medium-low and get some deep, refreshing, wholesome sleep.

Watch a relaxing Netflix show

Samurai Gourmet is literally about a Japanese man who loves to eat food. Click the photo to open Netflix and watch.


Go buy a really nice meal

Nice doesn't mean expensive; nice means nice. Get up and go grab that amazing burger or delicious lasagna I can tell you're thinking of right now. 

Walk the pup

Take Shadow, Bella, Sadie, Max or whatever you name your fluffy buddy out for a simple walk. If you walk them daily, take them somewhere new.

Image by Mario
Dog Walker at the Park

you are the master of your own time.

now breathe.

If all else fails...

I mean it.

Your brain make hundreds of decisions every second, but that doesn't mean you always have to be doing something socially productive every minute of your 47,000,000 minutes alive.

Sit down and literally just wait. Studies have shown that humans are finding themselves waiting less for services, entertainment, and eventful things. And more importantly, we have forgotten the power of waiting. 

As a fellow pilot once said to me after a hard day "give yourself some sit, give yourself some wait." Sometimes you need to value the ability to burn time and spend time to just breathe and be alive.

So close this website, find a place you can sit comfortably, and just wait.

I dare you.

Sitting by the window
Image by Carl Raw
Game Zone Graphic White Fill.png

Hey, there's also a fun game you can play here. It has kittens too.

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