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Fair seas

Taking Up Space Promo (2021 Director's Cut) - 4K

Taking Up Space Promo (2021 Director's Cut) - 4K

This month I had the great opportunity to partner up with Czarina Salido with Taking Up Space and Rosie Johnson of Planet Exophilia to produce an exciting promotional video to showcase Taking Up Space's mission: promoting Native American girls in STEAM with an emphasis in aerospace and indigenous arts. When filming this promo I wanted to remark upon the profound concept that space is at the closest it has ever been. The young women of today that bloom the path to the stars can be found right here in our own desert, among us, and bound for greatness. It is our dream to sponsor, promote and secure the future of indigenous representation for a more colorful and prosperous tomorrow. To support Taking Up Space be sure to shoot a like on Facebook. If you wish to donate, you can follow the link below to their official PayPal Giving Fund. ---------------- Taking Up Space is an astronaut-supported 501(c)3 non profit organization that serves Native American girls ages 9 -12 years old from tribes across the United States. We serve the community by mentoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM); Indigenous arts; and body positivity. Our motivation are based on these staggering statistics: Girls lose interest in STEM in middle school. Less than 1% of Native American women are in engineering jobs. There are less females in computer science than there was ten years ago. Indigenous women have the highest murder rate. Native American children have the highest suicide rate. Teaching STEM alone can not address these problems, there are many STEAM outreach programs trying to help with the problem of girls losing interest in these courses as they enter and proceed through middle school. Yet, the problem still exists. Our novel and unique one-of-a-kind program addresses all of these problems because of our three pronged approach. Why? Imagine going into your first Calculus class and seeing these concepts that you were taught when you were nine. Or being asked to work in lab, and already having an experiment flown on the ISS or performed on a zero - g flight? Our program teaches these concepts, breaks them down to understandable real word application, and provides hand on experiences. Indigenous representation is another key component to our program. Representation matters to help in imagining a brighter tangible future. Our cohorts are meeting Native Americans who have excelled in their STEAM careers. As the saying goes, “If you can see it, you can become it.” Creativity is one of the key success in STEAM. We encourage our girls to express themselves through various Indigenous arts including dance. Dance helps build confidence, spatial awareness, and most importantly body positivity. We find this crucial , because it’s not enough to walk into a class knowing a subject, it’s about having confidence to ask a question and to participate not without fear, but with bravery. Our impact encompasses a 2-Generation model, however, we have gone further to include three generations. Grandparents, along with parents are involved and briefed weekly on student progress. Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council recognized our impact by saying our cohorts are inspiring old and new generations alike. Filmed, Edited and Directed by Christian B. Meza Artistic Director, Costume Design, Location Scout - Rosie "Planet Exophilia" Johnson Production Assistant - Belen Mondragon

Yeah I love games, so what of it?

If you really want to make a statement, why don't you try to beat my high score of 228?

This month's game is Kite Kittens!!

INSTRUCTIONS: Tap or click the screen to make the kitty bounce higher. Collect yarn but don't touch the clouds or it's game over!

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