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Image by Dominik Sostmann
Metallic Texture



2/22/2023 - Peoria, AZ

From the official Stop Our Stigma photo shoot with Christian B. Meza and Melonball Creative.

You can find sample edits, raw photos conversions, and even high-resolution samples you can download and inspect here. All photos were taken at maximum spec at up to 50.6 megapixels (approximately 50 million pixels) for expansive use for billboards, large prints, and future-proof campaigns.
All photos (edited and unedited) are confidential. Please share this website only with campaign managers or staff/crew of the Melonball Creative or Exothermic Films team.

Image by Max Kukurudziak


Pixieset Gallery Icon.jpg

A complete gallery of all 1,170 raw photos taken during the photo shoot session. All images have been reduced to 20% size to help reduce size and load time. In addition, all photos are infused with an sRGB color profile for best color representation for desktop and mobile viewing.

All photos were taken using a medium-format-size, ultra-high resolution SLR at a maximum of 50.6 Megapixels. With practically no bounds to print size specs, these photos can be used for any application desired in modern marketing and high-range promotion.

Click the DOWNLOAD FULL RESOLUTION IMAGES button beneath to download full-resolution samples of each image to view the images in their best detail. We suggest you take a minute to zoom in and explore the detail of the image in its entirety.

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