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MUSIC + Jams

I got the chance to work with an open studio in San Diego that was learning how to incorporate the new 2021 Dolby Atmos technology into their workflow.

While learning about attenuation, gain balance, quantization and stereo imagery, I decided to play around with a moog they had set up on one of the work tables, cranked up the reverb, kept a wide mid register, and just started jamming out.

After about three minutes of dorking around, one of the peeps there said "that was pretty cool." I hadn't noticed that what I was playing was being recorded and a girl at the effects board processed a surround channel with Dolby Atmos, gave me the file on a drive, and I went home to play around with it.


I added some other channels and a basic drum track.

For the best results, and to hear the best effects from Dolby Atmos, please wear some nice headphones or earbuds.

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